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The Coffee Love Affair

illycaffèI could vaguely recall where my love for coffee started. Probably in the younger days, I had already developed some curiosity about this hot beverage enjoyed by the so-called “adults” then, in between afternoon conversations amid the scoring heat of the tropical sun back home. Or it could have just grown in me naturally when it became essential to getting a passing grade in the university. I’ll never really know for sure.

But I do recall, when coffee shops were just blooming in the neighborhood in my second home city, Cebu, I could say, I have been one of the earlier customers. Suddenly, I have started comparing one brew from the other. There was always that feeling where I was longing for something more – a richer taste, a fuller body, or a more smoothing aroma.

More than a decade has passed now, there’s just too many cups that had been filled, and too many conversations went with it. How I developed my love for coffee? It no longer matters much. But I’d say, it’s probably one of the best discoveries in the world. 🙂

Now, coffee has gotten passed from being just a drink. It’s incorporated into a lifestyle. It became a culture on its own. How well do I know my coffee? I’m not a connoisseur at all, but I surely can say, I do have my own favorites. Just thinking about the different roasts out there to try on, makes me want to be more absorbed into this coffee culture.

A favorite pick of mine and my husband’s is – illycaffè. It’s a discovery we made in one of the airport restaurants in Bangkok about two years ago while waiting for our flight back to Singapore. And now, we are so glad to be enjoying this quality espresso at the comforts of our own home.

Truly a love affair we share. ❤


About inbetweencoffeecups

There's one quote about life that i've stumbled upon, and it goes .. "“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman This blog will be about things that makes me alive, from simple pleasures like drinking a cup of my favorite coffee, to more meaningful ones like spending a lazy yet fun afternoon with the greatest loves of my life: my husband and my son :) .. and of course, there'll be lots of other things that makes this life just simply beautiful, and i would try not to miss blogging about that.. who knows, i'll discover new hobbies, and new passions in between.


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